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Instructional Resources

Find the Park below to access paired resources


Sequoia and Death Valley National Parks

7th grade Science Standards - weather and climate; water cycle


Saguaro National Park

5th grade Science Standards - Adaptations; 8th grade Science Standards - Diversity of Species


Grand Canyon National Park

6th grade Science Standards - Rock Types; 8th grade Science Standards - Rock and Fossil Record


Arches National Park

4th grade Science Standards - erosion, weathering, and deposition; 8th grade Science Standards - Processes that shape Earth's surface


Biscayne National Park

7th Grade Science Standards - Ocean and Atmospheric Currents


Dry Tortugas National Park

8th Grade Science Standards - Earth's surface; Glaciation and sea level rise


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

5th Grade - Food webs and ecosystems; 7th Grade Science Standards - Trophic Levels

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