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Instructional Resources

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Adapted Lesson Plan Tip Sheet

Every class is full of diverse learners - - ESL students, students with disabilities, gifted students, you name it,
they are in your classroom.  Download our FREE tip sheet filled with instructional strategies to make OutSCIder Classroom accessible and engaging for these types of students. 


Sequoia and Death Valley National Parks

7th grade Science Standards - weather and climate; water cycle


Saguaro National Park

5th grade Science Standards - Adaptations; 8th grade Science Standards - Diversity of Species


Grand Canyon National Park

6th grade Science Standards - Rock Types; 8th grade Science Standards - Rock and Fossil Record


Arches National Park

4th grade Science Standards - erosion, weathering, and deposition; 8th grade Science Standards - Processes that shape Earth's surface


Biscayne National Park

7th Grade Science Standards - Ocean and Atmospheric Currents


Dry Tortugas National Park

8th Grade Science Standards - Earth's surface; Glaciation and sea level rise


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

5th Grade - Food webs and ecosystems; 7th Grade Science Standards - Trophic Levels

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